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Consider commercial epoxy flooring for your Miami, FL business

When you work in an industry that must meet high sanitation standards, it's important to choose a flooring material that can easily be cleaned. Commercial epoxy flooring is that flooring material.

MD & P Floors Corp. in Miami, FL can install custom epoxy flooring for your warehouse, restaurant, medical facility or any other commercial space that needs durable flooring. You'll appreciate this high-quality flooring style because it is:

Antimicrobial - Commercial epoxy flooring is resistant to scratches and scuffs, meaning small germs and bacteria won't stick to the surface.
Chemical-resistant - You won't have to worry about harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions ruining your floors over time.
Fire- and water-resistant - Epoxy flake coatings can withstand high heat and excess water in case there are accidents around your facility.

You can also trust our experts to polish your concrete flooring for a fresh look. Call today to get epoxy flooring for your warehouse, airplane hangar or restaurant.

We do more than floors

Most electrical cords are wrapped in plastic or rubber, which can easily get damaged in a fire. That's why we provide epoxy cord installation services for commercial buildings. With our epoxy cords and mounting system, you won't have to worry about frayed or fried wires.

Reach out to us today to learn more.

Top signs your epoxy floors need to be refinished

Has your commercial epoxy flooring lost its luster? Breathe new life into your workplace with help from the epoxy flooring specialists at MD & P Floors Corp.

We're just one phone call away if you start to notice...

  • Your floors have lost their shine
  • Your floors are losing their color
  • Your floors are uneven

You can count on us for superior epoxy floor refinishing services anywhere in the Miami, FL area. Our epoxy flooring company has all of the skills and resources needed to make your floors look as good as new.

Contact us now to update the epoxy flooring for your warehouse, hospital or auto shop.

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